ACTION / THRILLER – Anne-Kathrin Dern


Anne-Kathrin Dern is a German film composer and CEO of e-Quality Music Productions LLC, currently residing in Los Angeles, California.

She is mostly known for her scores to the animated Netflix Original Fearless (2020), the Netflix Christmas movie The Claus Family (2020), Disney's Four Enchanted Sisters (2020), and SONY's Help, I Shrunk My Parents (2018), as well as her collaborations with Klaus Badelt, most notably on the animated movie Leap! (2016) and the iGG video games Castle Clash (2019), Lords Mobile (2018), and Galaxy Mobile (2020). Dern also contributed music to both seasons of ABC's musical comedy series Galavant (2015-2016), as well as Microsoft's HALO V: Guardians (2015), and wrote additional arrangements for Warner Bros. Ocean's 8 (2018). She has collaborated with and assisted composers such as Christopher Lennertz, Alan Menken, Steve Jablonsky, Ryan Shore, William Ross, and Pinar Toprak. Additionally, she has interned at Hans Zimmer's Remote Control Productions and was a selected participant of the 2016 ASCAP Film Scoring Workshop with Richard Bellis. Dern just completed her work on the comedy-adventure sequel Help, I Shrunk My Friends (2021) and the Hallmark romance Her Pen Pal (2021). She is currently working on the horror movies Devil (2021) and Have.Hold.Take (2021), and has been signed to write the score for the WWI drama The Last Front (2021), starring Iain Glen and Sasha Luss, and the Netflix sequel The Claus Family 2.

Representation: A-Muse Management / Michal Marks

  1. Woodwalkers (from "Woodwalkers") Anne-Kathrin Dern 1:57
  2. Main Theme (from "Galaxy Mobile") Anne-Kathrin Dern 4:12
  3. Main Theme (from "Lords Mobile") Anne-Kathrin Dern 3:03
  4. Too Even (from "Angle") Anne-Kathrin Dern 3:07
  5. Opening (from "Angle") Anne-Kathrin Dern 1:23
  6. Battle Menu (from "Galaxy Mobile") Anne-Kathrin Dern 2:58
  7. Supercharged (from "Fearless") Anne-Kathrin Dern 2:58
  8. The Last One (from "Angle") Anne-Kathrin Dern 3:00
  9. Championship (from "Angle") Anne-Kathrin Dern 1:40
  10. Battle Theme (from "WTF") Anne-Kathrin Dern 0:56
  11. The Hunt Anne-Kathrin Dern 0:57
  12. Defeat (from "Help I Shrunk My Friends") Anne-Kathrin Dern 4:09
  13. Darkness Rising (Action Trailer) Anne-Kathrin Dern 2:23
  14. Let Her Go (from "The Jade Pendant") Anne-Kathrin Dern 3:19
  15. Greet Your Enemy (from "Legend of the Demon Cat") Anne-Kathrin Dern 1:20
  16. You Brought This Upon Us (from "Legend of the Demon Cat") Anne-Kathrin Dern 1:37
  17. Drones (from "Help I Shrunk My Parents") Anne-Kathrin Dern 1:21
  18. Together (from "Sprite Sisters") Anne-Kathrin Dern 3:41
  19. Trailer Suite (Action) Anne-Kathrin Dern 2:16
  20. Combat Loop (Video Game) Anne-Kathrin Dern 2:43




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